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Fully Compliant factory: 3D printing builds a plurality of types of car - parts technology
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In manufacturing industry, the automotive industry in disruptive rapid changes in development,industrial grade 3D printingAs the main method of automobile production has become a common phenomenon, more and more automobile manufacturers use 3D printing to manufacture automobile parts.in a well - known German luxury car maker BMW recently announced that they were installed in automobile production is 100 million 3D printing manufacturing of automotive parts,This one - millionth part of a new application in BMWi8Roadster window guide, which serves to facilitate the smooth operation of the window, before, BMW used that HP technology to produce the series of window guide rail,BMW to start production in 2010, using a 3D - printed plastic and metal components, Rui Feng model3D printingTechnology enabling car manufacturers within 24 hours up to 100 window guide rail.
face the multiple challenges of car manufacturers, the production from one type of vehicle to another type of process is essential, General Motors recently announced shutdowns and layoffs, and Detroit, proclaimed by the General Assembly, only production of the Chevrolet Volt models,Warren, Ohio General Assembly announced, only making the Chevrolet Cruze models, is because that since the production technology of constructing multiple types of vehicles is difficult,Because now the fancy steering from traditional car slowly becomes crossovers and SUVs, the design of the assembly line to construct a plurality of types of vehicle is especially important;In contrast to the Honda car assembly plant, which was used to manufacture a compact car of Civic and Acura, now also produce compact SUV crossover.may be assembled at the Nissan plant in six different vehicles;Mercedes - Benz recently announced plans to build the first fully flexible factories.In a fully flexible factory, from compact cars to the rear - wheel - drive sedan and a variety of forms including drive (EV) of several vehicle structure can be flexibly on one line of production, Mercedes and strengthen the capacity of manufacturing and supply chain.