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Are you part of the hand model suitable to their materials of manufacture?
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Modeling and Processing of parts in the industrial market is the most common, is the product of research and development must be the result of a work process, only a finger well in order to perform a batch of production, can help enterprises reduce the cost of research and risk river, seize the market quickly.Gang - designed models with what material to achieve the designer's requirements?We list some of the people of Changhand modelProduction of material, analyze their characteristic, will easily be able to know you're a sacred piece of material.
prototype change parts is used as the material is mainly divided into metal and plastic, wherein the metal is aluminum alloy and stainless steels, aluminum alloy of low density, high strength, excellent processing performance, welding characteristics and excellent plating property,Good corrosion resistance, high toughness and processing after the non - deformable, material dense defect free and easy polishing, and coloring of the film is easily oxidized and has the excellent effect such excellent characteristics, is subjected to a sandblasting treatment after the oxidation, the appearance would have been better.Stainless steel resistance to air, steam, water, etc., weak corrosion medium, acid, alkaline resistance, and high density, good corrosion inhibition properties, and is hardly damaged.
commonly used materials are plastic, ABS, POM, PMMA, PA, PC, PP, PPS or the like, which is a kind of engineering plastic ABS, Shouban model commonly used in the industry of plastic material, impact resistance, heat resistance, cold resistance,Chemical resistance and good electrical performance, easy to machining, the product is dimensionally stable, surface gloss, and the like, and can be dismantled parts, which can satisfy the basic requirements of the industrial product.POM: also called the race just to see the name, must know, is a smooth surface and good gloss of the hard and dense material, bending strength, fatigue resistance, wear resistance are relatively good, and for some parts of the gear.PMMA: acrylic, Perspex, good diaphaneity, good effect than a transparent PC material, and is excellent in heat resistance.PA: also known as nylon, and high mechanical strength, good toughness, a glue, is not advisable to remove the processing member.PC: high impact strength, good dimensional stability, a colorless and transparent, good colorability, good wear resistance, may be resistant to high temperature, is a transparent material.PP: polypropylene, low density, strength, hardness and heat resistance were superior to that of the low - pressure polyethylene at a temperature of about 100.PPS: is a high - temperature - resistant material, may be at a temperature of 230 degree of deformation does not occur.By the aboveProduction of CNC Sample for materialPerformance Features of you clearly have your own models with what material?If in doubt, please contact us.