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Digital Shouban model can shorten the product life cycle
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According to customer wish they could be tailored according to the products and services, while those who hope to thrive in this environment of consumer goods, medical equipment and automation of the vehicle and so companies need to meet these requirements.So the company how to do this?By shorteninghand modelProduct life cycle, through personalized, by mixing high and low yields of product and the ratio of agility in the market, and with the customer.How to achieve this goal?Parts of the on - demand digital manufacturing can solve this problem.
  hand modelProduct lifecycle is narrowing, new product launch () is on the rise.By immediate feedback of the market, they may be in a few days to master the design improvement of the physical product, and then quickly to the market and re - launch a product update, it is not only to minor changes to existing products, but brand - new products are being developed and deployed quickly to market,On - demand supply chain support, time and again you can beat your competitors.
Mass customization and mass production, customized, personalized experience for people in need, but for that to happen, think fast.to the medical industry as an example, according to the individual circumstances of the customization of orthopedic surgery, to have a child's teeth need realignment or dropped, by 3D printing when customizing your dentist will instantly get a relevant back dental appliance;
Third industry trend is to be able to introduce you around to protect your products after the supply chain.Forming a response type supply chain, the method is to use a high mix and low yields of product.If a product range of the decrease in demand, you can save a minimum of cost management, without having to first store millions of SKUs.In the market fluctuation in one range, if a surge in demand for products, with a low capacity of response type can quickly run the supply chain more parts to meet demand.It's like you have something to help significantly reduce the overall supply chain risk and cost of parts and virtual inventory.