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Hand proofing, what does that mean?Hand proofing what needs attention?
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Plank of proofing means according to the guest, as such or in the artwork, by machining the sample, which is designed according to the designer of the 3d drawing to make a sample of the product, is used to detect the products of the structure.Can mean sampling purposes, for reference, that is, the hand model, it is possible to make sure the bulk of the sample quality, style and color, is entered into a contract, and provide a basis for proofs of the finger is flexible and can be adapted in many ways.Proofing plank then what needs attention?
  hand proofingGood design requires a corresponding 3d of the drawings, because the 3d - made sample is made to the drawings, and if you're drawing too much from the size of the product for it even at the board, and the manufacturer later processing, the detection accuracy of the time are still going to be very different.In the finger plates and proofing, confidentiality is also very important, plank of proofing is when one is able to independently complete plank - making factories, eliminating the need for outsourcing, 3d of the drawings is also not to be more and more people know,So as to protect your intellectual property.You need to get a good board, and the manufacturers of proofing, if you find the manufacturer of the boards had no power, not only in the delivery can give rise to problems, even in terms of quality, it is difficult to guarantee.Feng Rui model can independently complete models with all of the proofing process, and is high in accuracy, speed, and a variety of mechanisms for the protection of confidentiality, is a board of powerful companies and industries.