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Structural models with very different from what?
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mould structureare used to validate the rationality of product structure, scaffold dimensions required for a more accurate, opponents plate appearance requirements are relatively low, foreign customer's requirements are particularly stringent, the scaffold structure can directly show the structure of region,Installation of the degree of difficulty, easy to find and solve problems.If the handle panel from a functionality point of view, it can be divided into the appearance of the plank and a plank structure.Non - plank structure is also called a plate appearance, only to see the appearance of, there is no need for the activities of the so - called black - and - white appearance of the finger plates is only required board, and the look - and - design products similar to or identical with respect to the products, not requiring it can,Thus the products are not for sale, mainly for the exhibition, in order to complete the earlier period propaganda work.
While the structure is / are movable, it can be seen that the function of the plank, the plank structure is hollow inside, can be used to integrate electronic components, can also be used as a finished product, for example, and the structure of boards that are to have a body, wheels, doors, etc.As long as the general appearance, there is a kind of want to have, but are scattered around the assembled workpiece, so that the structure of hand - board model manufacture is relatively complicated, each location being sized to achieve a very precise, otherwise the installation will be a problem.