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1 - 1000000 pcs, various metal / plastic parts from prototypes to mass production.
  • Prototype

    Aluminum alloy, zinc alloy, magnesium alloy, stainless steel, copper, iron, sheet metal

  • Automotive Industry
    Automotive Industry

    Vehicles, motorcycles, electric vehicles

  • Lighting Industry
    Lighting Industry

    LED fluorescent lamp, bulb lamp, street lamp and other lighting products

  • Automation Industry
    Automation Industry

    Machine parts, electronic instruments, medical devices, various machinery, industry equipment size parts and components

  • Consumer Industry
    Consumer Industry

    Household appliances such as TV sets, TV sets, air conditioners, vacuum cleaners, humidifiers, etc.

  • Aerospace Industry
    Aerospace Industry

    Aircraft spare parts, UAV spare parts, rocket spare parts

  • Technical innovation
    Technical innovation

    Complex structure parts can be rapidly prototyped.

  • Fast Turnaround
    Fast Turnaround

    Short production cycle, fast delivery

  • High Precision
    High Precision

    High Precision, tolerance ±0.005mm-0.01mm

  • High Quality
    High Quality

    ISO 9001 QMS approval, with fuul range of inspection equipments.

  • Manufacturing Equipment
    Manufacturing Equipment

    Advanced equipment, professional facilities.

  • Competitive Price
    Competitive Price

    Cost-effective, the price is more affordable for both prototypes and mass production.

  • Flexible Production
    Flexible Production

    1-1000000 PCS available for prototype, sheet metal, injection molding, silicon molding

  • Efficiency Production
    Efficiency Production

    Digtal management system ensure everyone do right things at right time..

  • Professional Team
    Professional Team

    Minimum 10 years of experience averagely

  • 01. Submit drawings
    01. Submit drawings

    Sign NDA and Send Drawings and CAD files to us at rfq@jx-rp.com

  • 02.Quotation

    Feedback within 30 mins and quotation within 4-24 hours

  • 03. Order
    03. Order

    Confirm the quotation and DFM, then Sign the contract.

  • 04. Manufacturing
    04. Manufacturing

    1-7 Days turnaround with regularly communicating, Inspection approval

  • 05. Shipping
    05. Shipping

    Deliver Via DHL.

  • 06. Receiving
    06. Receiving

    Open all packages and inspect all items