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Our center features vertical and horizontal machining centers to deliver an extra level of precision and productivity. We also offer CNC milling,lathing , turning and drilling to accommodate the variety of product sizes and cuts in circulation today. Our team works with several different materials as well, from copper and aluminum to steel and other metals,as well as all kinds of plastic.
  • Prototype

    Aluminum alloy, zinc alloy, magnesium alloy, stainless steel, copper, iron, sheet metal

  • Automotive Industry
    Automotive Industry

    Vehicles, motorcycles, electric vehicles

  • Lighting Industry
    Lighting Industry

    LED fluorescent lamp, bulb lamp, street lamp and other lighting products

  • Automation Industry
    Automation Industry

    Machine parts, electronic instruments, medical devices, various machinery, industry equipment size parts and components

  • Consumer Industry
    Consumer Industry

    Household appliances such as TV sets, TV sets, air conditioners, vacuum cleaners, humidifiers, etc.

  • Aerospace Industry
    Aerospace Industry

    Aircraft spare parts, UAV spare parts, rocket spare parts

  • Technical innovation
    Technical innovation

    Complex structure parts can be rapidly prototyped.

  • Fast Turnaround
    Fast Turnaround

    Short production cycle, fast delivery

  • High Precision
    High Precision

    High Precision, tolerance ±0.005mm-0.01mm

  • High Quality
    High Quality

    ISO 9001 QMS approval, with fuul range of inspection equipments.

  • Manufacturing Equipment
    Manufacturing Equipment

    Advanced equipment, professional facilities.

  • Competitive Price
    Competitive Price

    Cost-effective, the price is more affordable for both prototypes and mass production.

  • Flexible Production
    Flexible Production

    1-1000000 PCS available for prototype, sheet metal, injection molding, silicon molding

  • Efficiency Production
    Efficiency Production

    Digtal management system ensure everyone do right things at right time..

  • Professional Team
    Professional Team

    Minimum 10 years of experience averagely

  • 01. Submit drawings
    01. Submit drawings

    Sign NDA and Send Drawings and CAD files to us at rfq@jx-rp.com

  • 02.Quotation

    Feedback within 30 mins and quotation within 4-24 hours

  • 03. Order
    03. Order

    Confirm the quotation and DFM, then Sign the contract.

  • 04. Manufacturing
    04. Manufacturing

    1-7 Days turnaround with regularly communicating, Inspection approval

  • 05. Shipping
    05. Shipping

    Deliver Via DHL.

  • 06. Receiving
    06. Receiving

    Open all packages and inspect all items