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avoid spend more money, you need to understand the models with quality improvement programme
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 hand modelSo how to improve the manufacturing of the board, and the mass of the Fengrui model based on years of hand - board model manufacture experience tell me:
1. First, model material selection requirement: need to satisfy the customer's product quality requirements of the user but also the material purchase cost and the design cycle and the strength of the material.
2. Second is the product design must be reasonable: definitely go for the best structure scheme, the product designer to take into account the nature of the product structure and conforms to the Modeling of manufacturability and feasibility.
3. Then the technique of hand modeling: Model is to improve the quality of the model design, virtual reality and so on;Factors to consider other factors, including the material, as well as the architectural model of the availability and safety, it must first look back, otherwise will only make things to bring.
4. Finally, consideration is also given to the use and maintenance of the hand model, whether or not the most convenient to use, demoulding and cutting time and length;Periodic maintenance and maintenance costs, as well as the dimensions of stability, compliance, and ensuring product quality, the models of the useful life of the article's length................................................................................
The above is to introduce the method presented for the improvement of the quality of the hand, will you understand the terms of reference of the help information.In that meet our customers' needs and to cater for the products entered the market, product quality and development effect are given the board exam, a service organization are built on technology and innovation.