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Modeling proofing processing price is how calculative?
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Most people came along and asked how much boards needed to do this, we must be clear,hand modelis a custom class OEM products, there is a need to provide the corresponding design drawing, it is necessary to know the customer's board, and the specific dimensions, it knows that the figures and also made a reference to other factors of the compute to its board prices,quotes relating to the coordination of the entire demand for oil products, the same similar - looking products, multi - step prices is very different, models with quotation according to FIG. 3D is an analysis of the product size,And there is a need for a process and a machining time of the offer.Of course a different board, and the processing technology of the reference prices for the different factors.
3D printing according to the material and the price is calculated as the weight of the other surface of the treatment cost, if you're gonna do the plank suitable 3d printing,We will use your drawings of 3d calculate your finger on raw materials (by weight of the portafilter are typically in units of g), and then multiplying by one gram of the raw - material prices, the prices of raw materials is also low among materials also are hierarchical,Is to see a 3D printer and applicable customer requirements, the material of the good points of the price is expensive.
If you're doing cnc plank, consider that you needed a hand plate of the surface treatment needs are used to process the more, the higher the price is natural also, secondly, to look at the board, and the size and complexity,These two factors are directly proportional to the plank, the larger the size, and material is also more complex and more difficult, more time consuming, price nature is also high;Finally is the accuracy requirement, if the high precision demand (such as 0. 01mm) and high machining precision of equipment and technology as well as artificial demand also increased, production cost, so the prices are also subject to change.
If the finger is doing the bulk of the required vacuum casting job doing this process, the board, and the price it needs from the model of the price, the price of each complex die board, and the price of these three price added to arrive at the exact price.This is because due to the recovery mode vacuum beforehand using a CNC or 3D - printed and made out a hand model, and then based on the Modeling of a silica gel mold, and then passed through a silica gel mold replication product.