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Hand proofing what needs attention?
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Now a lot of people don't know hand proofingActually, boards, also called a sample, or rapid prototyping, also known as a first plate,it is simply the new products at the stage of research and development, in order to physically verified in the future to the production process and function of the first template, are not listed in the product before the appearance of an assembly or of the sample, is to see the decorative effect of a product,Or assembling structure of the earlier products, if the appearance of the problem, the structure can be subjected to the next working station, and, in the design's better you make sample check assembly issues, etc.Feng Rui model today to tell you about finger proof ought to be paying attention.
First, the board needs to design good proofing product 3d of the drawings, the finger plates is in accordance with the 3D drawings, 3D drawings. If you don't tell you the size of the demand, then the manufacturer of your perfect scaffold according to design drawings to processing,Man cannot be always your design needs, the design drawing is very important,
Second, find a good board, and the manufacturer of the textile sample is also very important, good producers of the palm, represents the power efficiency, strength, quality and service, if the board manufacturers had no power, there may occur problems, such as delivery problems, quality issues,Service issues, etc., can lead to a prolonged period of product development, cost is increased.- there are many boards that manufacturers are 2 - 3 machine 2 - 3 Small, personal, hand - board model manufacture technical process, this small workshop easily appearing problems,
Finally, the hand plate to proofing, confidentiality is also very important, this is a creative designer of the design of intellectual property rights, such as the patent disclosure,So the hand plate making process to find a time to complete an independent hand - board model manufacture does not need to set out the manufacturers, and manufacturers also have associated security mechanism, the products of 3d of the drawings is also not to be more and more people know,So that the effective protection of your intellectual property.Feng Rui model not only can independently complete board production process, also has a tripartite security mechanism to protect your design drawing is not compromised, with their years of hand - board model manufacture experience, advanced equipment, professional hand proofing Shifu, services and technology to improve the team,- this is the finger.